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Blood Sweat and Tears – AppDynamics Takes JavaOne 2012 by Storm

AppMan Goes Incognito at JavaOne

AppMan stealthily checking out the crowd at the AppDynamics booth at JavaOne.

It’s pretty amazing working a booth at one of the world’s largest Java conferences as an application monitoring vendor. You get to hear hundreds of opinions on managing java performance, along with stories from users of competing products and their mixed experiences. What was clear from the conversations I had at JavaOne was that customers of legacy monitoring solutions were struggling to get real tangible value from their investments. The same old stories of “It takes too long to configure,” It won’t run in production under peak load,” and “It doesn’t give us deep visibility to solve problems.” Conversations like these presented a real opportunity for us at JavaOne–so much so we’ve already set up several meetings as a result.

I can summarize my JavaOne experiences as blood, sweat, and tears:


Here at AppDynamics we try to avoid conflict. Everything we do is about making life easy for our customers. We make it easy to do business with us, easy to use our products, and easy to solve complex problems. We don’t condone violence, but one of our prospective customers made a comment while in our JavaOne booth that we just had to share…

“If our Ops guys don’t buy AppDynamics, I will beat them.”

I hope this is not a literal statement. Still, having worked in a large IT shop fighting application fires…I get it! When you’ve seen how much AppDynamics can help your everyday work life, you should accept no half-baked substitutes.


Prospects from our competitors were out in full force at the AppDynamics booth. We heard the same woeful tales from them over and over again: their application monitoring tools were too hard to use, they took too much effort to deploy, and they didn’t provide the right data to solve problems.

We hear you loud and clear. Deploying APM so that it solves your problems should not be a full time job. Whether your enterprise is one big distributed application or thousands of applications and services, deployment and maintenance of your APM tool should not take significant amounts of time and effort.


Really? Crying at JavaOne? Well, almost. Even though our company super hero App Man is big, burly, and has incredible super powers … he also has a sensitive side. Especially when it comes to customers and their impression of our tools. App Man showed off his sensitivity in a tweet after a conversation with one of our users at JavaOne…

“An @AppDynamics lite user just told me he loved my product. I almost cried.”

It’s cool, App Man. It’s okay to cry, especially when it’s for a good reason. I can’t think of a better reason than another happy customer.

If you happened to be at JavaOne and stopped by our booth, we would love to hear from you. Many of you asked us to follow up directly and we are working hard to make that happen. There was quite a frenzy of activity at the AppDynamics booth with people queued 3 deep waiting to speak with us and get a demo of our product. Hopefully we got everyone who wanted to speak with us. If we somehow missed you, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can make amends.

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